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eSports Club

There are over 150 million gamers in America.  Those gamers want to gather. They want to sit next to each other, elbow to elbow, controller to controller.

eSports Club was developed by a team of gaming enthusiasts who view the industry as today’s premier entertainment channel.  Each location has been thoughtfully planned to provide the ultimate gaming experience.  And, our Top coaches, tournaments and leagues bring together the best amateurs and pro’s across multiple titles including Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch and all the biggest names in eSports.

who we are

Youth eSports Club

The Youth eSports Club program was developed via a collaborative effort of gaming enthusiasts and concerned, well-informed parents with the intention of providing both a safe, supervised physical environment and online “cyber” experience.

The Youth eSC has developed an advanced curriculum that emphasizes teamwork, leadership, communication and sportsmanship as well as traditional life & soft skills, appropriate gaming habits, healthy diet, physical activity, emotional intelligence, cognitive wellness, rest and recovery tips and a head start on college and career opportunities in the eSports world.